Shinobu Kitayama received Gold Medal Award for Impact in Psychology

“The American Psychological Foundation’s flagship award recognizes the work of a psychologist or group of psychologists that is impactful, innovative, and transformational. Dr. Shinobu Kitayama is recognized for his groundbreaking work on culture, as it is related to the self and all psychological processes that comprise it, including cognitive, emotional, and motivational processes.” Congratulations, Shinobu! […]

Shinobu Kitayama has received the Ambady Award for Mentoring Excellence from SPSP

“The Ambady Award for Mentoring Excellence is a teaching and mentoring award that honors a personality or social psychologist who has demonstrated a career-long commitment to fostering the professional and intellectual development of students and early career researchers. This award is intended to recognize exceptional and selfless efforts to shape our field through mentoring activities […]